Online workshops are a great way to learn at your own pace, at the comfort of your home.  They are dynamic and interactive: everyone can participate, according to their availability, and learn with others’ experiences and observations. Materials can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, and as many times as you need. You can discuss with your fellow classmates, ask questions, and contact me via email or Skype to talk about your progress and clarify doubts. Each weekly session will include practical assignments, discussions, sharing, and assessment of your personal progress that week. All you need is an internet connection, and a way to register your progress digitally, scanning or photographing your artwork for sharing and evaluation.

1. How does the course work?

Online workshops have a defined structure to guarantee that the flow of information happens in an ordered manner. I wanted a way to present information that could be at one time as much “organic” as possible, but that could also allow students to learn and practice at their own pace. Here’s how it works:

  • Workshop classes will be presented on a blog format. Access to the blog is password protected, so materials will be displayed only to enrolled students. The lessons, materials (texts, images, videos, etc.), and assignments, will be posted weekly, in a set number of days and posts – a four-session workshop, for example, will last one month, with four lessons being posted once a week.
  • During the week I’ll be assisting you in your journey, with personalized information, answers to your questions, and comments on your practice, discoveries and insights, via email. Students are strongly encouraged to interact with each other, exchanging ideas, insights and support. This interaction will be done via Yahoo Groups, in a group specially created to be our “virtual classroom”. Completed projects should also be uploaded to a folder on the group’s page for evaluation. Any time I need to interact with the whole group, I will be doing it also via Yahoo Groups.

2. What is included in the course?

Each participant will be granted a password to have access to the blog, and also an invitation to the Yahoo Groups list. Weekly lessons will be posted on the blog, with plenty of information about the week’s practice, including videos, texts, images, etc. All materials, unless otherwise specified, are intended only for enrolled students’ use and should not be shared or sold in any circumstances.

3. What type of materials/resources will I need?

Basically, a computer connected to internet and a image capture device like a digital camera, scanner, cell phone, etc. For your personal art practice, a list of supplies will be provided.

4. What’s my commitment by taking part of the workshop?

By being part of the workshop you will need to commit to weekly practices and activities that are part of the learning experience. These activities can be done at your own pace.  As I am a strong believer in the human interaction as a way to enrich learning, it is recommended that you talk to the group about your experiences, share your art and your creative process, and also offer support and suggestions when necessary. Revealing your identity is not a requirement – participating in the experience under an alias is perfectly fine. But notice that you are by no means required to participate in group interaction; many people work better on their own, so this is a decision that belongs only to you. Also, you can perfectly benefit only from the information provided on the blog, without any type of intercommunication. Whatever your decision, it is perfectly fine and will be respected.

5. Will the workshop schedule allow me to cope with my regular activities?

The workshop is designed to give flexibility to the participants. You won’t need to be online at a certain time of the day to attend the classes, and you can take part in the discussions at any time you are available. Of course we have a structure to be followed, but the way you will organize your schedule is entirely up to you.

6. Will I be able to paint/draw at the end of the course?

The workshop is intended to provide you with enough information to guide the development of your art practice, within the proposal of the course. But remember that the desired skills come only with willpower and dedication. To excel in your art making, practice is essential. By following the classes instructions and completing the assignments, you will surely be able to observe a significant improvement in your practice. I will be here to help always it is necessary, and you can also exchange valuable information with your fellow classmates.

10. Is there a minimum age required to enroll?

A minimum age of 16 years-old is recommended.

11. Who can benefit from the workshops?

My workshops can be enjoyed by any person who wishes to connect with their creative self, independently of aspiring to be a professional artist. Creativity is not an attribute of trained artists; its a quality that is in each one of us, a revelation of our Divine part. In my workshops I do NOT encourage the following of certain beauty standards, or the pursue of a high quality final product. Although teaching techniques to achieve a certain goal, I believe that focusing on the process and the discovery will eliminate a lot of the anxiety that might come with a creative activity, certainly leading to more satisfying results. Practicing artists can be provided with new ways to explore their art-making, experiencing more freedom in their creative process and attunement with their own selves.

12. What workshops are currently available?

At this moment only the Basic Drawing workshop is available online. My plan is to gradually add new workshops on advanced drawing, painting, and creativity development.