Drawing is the foundation of all fine arts. An artist who can draw has more creative resources, developing new ways to look at and interpret their subject. For the non-artists, learning how to draw can enhance their ability of self expression, tapping into areas of the brain that are not often exercised. That will allow them to develop more of their brain capabilities, enhancing their capacity to look beyond the surface, and their problem-solving skills.

In a world where we frequently find ourselves overwhelmed with information and external stimuli, giving us the opportunity to introspection and meditation can destress and making our mind more aware and focused.  Drawing can be an excellent exercise to help detach from the daily life concerns and connect to other levels of perception.

In this five-session online workshop you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of creating works of art, exploring new ways of seeing and tapping into your imaginative abilities. In a more holistic, non-orthodox approach to drawing, you will learn how to use your creative brain to see as an artist sees. Through weekly exercises and two drawing projects you will become familiar  with the natural way to explore negative space,  proportion, shading, perspective, and other essential elements to represent what you see.

The classes will be presented on blog format. Access to the blog is password protected, so materials will be displayed only to enrolled students. Lessons, materials (texts, images, videos, etc.), and assignments, will be posted every Wednesday from September 10th. During the rest of the week I’ll be assisting you in your journey, with personalized information, answers to your questions, and comments on your practice, discoveries and insights, via email. Students are strongly encouraged to interact with each other, exchanging ideas, insights and support. This interaction will be done via Yahoo Groups, in a group specially created to be our “virtual classroom”. Read more about online workshops here. 

Art training is not required. Beginners will be presented with an exciting way to release their creative potential, and trained artist will develop a new way to see and boost their confidence in their skills. In a nurturing, non-competitive environment, you will be encouraged of letting go of self-criticism and limiting beliefs that discourage artmaking.

Check out a sample class here.
Learn more about the online workshops here.


Basic Drawing Workshop was created for:

  • beginner artists that are starting to delve into drawing and need a solid foundation for future works ;
  • non-realistic artists that wish to learn how to draw realistically or improve their drawing skills, or to be introduced to a more intuitive way to see and draw;
  • people who wish to unleash or develop their creativity;
  • people in general who wish to express themselves through drawing and want to build confidence in their skills.


In this workshop, you will:
  • learn basic skills to draw realistically, using a more intuitive approach;
  • learn how to make the shift from the rational/analytical to the creative /intuitive brain abilities;
  • be introduced to notions of sighting perspective and proportion;
  • learn how to successfully use the notion of negative space to improve your drawings;
  • develop comfort and confidence in your drawing skills.


Supply list :

  • 18″ wide pad of paper
  • Set of pencils: #2H, #B, #2B, #4B
  • #2B graphite stick
  • Kneaded and white eraser
  • Sharpener or xacto knife
  • Black sharpie pen or marker
  • Artist’s tape


When: Every Wednesday from January 15th – February 12th
Ages: 16+
Levels: All levels
Cost: $100 (one time fee), or two installments of $55 (please contact.)



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