The ability to draw the human face is one of the most appreciated and rewarding artistic skills. Being frequently the focal spot of a composition, the human face often carries the mood of a piece of figurative art. Building a lively face requires a keen ability to see, and the development of this perception can be learned by anyone.

In this 8-week workshop you will learn the basics of creating realistic pencil portraits, exploring new ways of seeing and tapping into your imaginative abilities. You will build a piece of art from a reference of your choice, while learning all the necessary skills for drawing with confidence, using your creative brain to see as an artist sees. All skill levels are welcome. I will facilitate your progress while guiding you through all the necessary steps toward the completion of your project, with the support of texts, images, videos, and links for articles of interest. All you need is an internet connection, an active email account, and a way to digitally register your progress, scanning or photographing your work for sharing and evaluation. You will become familiar with the natural way to explore line, negative space,  proportion, shading, perspective, and other essential elements to represent what you see.

The workshop is very flexible, without any commitment to being online at fixed hours, and you can make your own schedule. Classes will be presented in blog format, and one-on-one tutoring will be provided by email. You will have password protected access to classes, videos, and assignments, that will be posted once a week. I’ll be assisting you in your journey, with personalized information, answers to your questions, and comments on your practice, discoveries and insights.


Portrait Drawing Workshop was created for:

  • artists that have already acquired a basic foundation on drawing and want to take their skills to a next level;
  • non-realistic artists that wish to learn how to draw realistically or improve their drawing skills, or to be introduced to a more intuitive way to see and draw.


In this workshop, you will:
  • learn basic skills to draw a human face realistically, using a more intuitive approach;
  • learn how to make the shift from the rational/analytical to the creative /intuitive brain abilities;
  • be introduced to notions of line, values, proportion, and the necessary skills to build a human portrait;
  • learn how to successfully use negative space to improve your drawings;
  • develop comfort and confidence in your drawing skills.


When: Every Wednesday from May 20th to July 1st – 2015
Ages: 16+
Levels: Beginner to advanced (student must have had already introduced to drawing.)
Cost: USD $100 (one time fee), or two installments of $55 (please contact.)




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